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2nd-Jul-2010 04:02 pm - Identity Cast Press Conference
Aidan's Eye
The audio of the cast press conference is on this page:


It won't let me rip it, sigh.

ETA - Now we have a link (thanks Caly!) -



30th-Jun-2010 11:29 pm - New promo pics
[bh] how did you
The RT website has some nice new Keeley pics including in character as Identity's Martha. A2A fans might want to check out the logo-free Moonlighting pic
24th-Jun-2010 03:38 pm - From ITV.com
[bh] how did you
First episode 'Second Life'
Monday 5th July at 9:00pm on ITV
28th-May-2010 03:37 pm - Keeley talks about Identity
[bh] how did you
Keeley has tweeted that Identity will be shown in July. Exact date to come.

Keeley talks about her character
10th-Jan-2010 02:08 pm - "Identity" - The Trailer...
Doctor Who - River Song Shoot Out
Just just just....

CAN I SEE IT NOW?????????

Ohhhhhh, I wanna sooo bad! :)

If you're a fan of Ashes To Ashes, Doctor Who (Casanova) and Aidan - you will see some familiar faces!!!



xpost by request - aidangillen
18th-Oct-2009 01:52 am - Welcome post
[bh] how did you
So just a little welcome note to let anyone who's thinking of joining know that all manner of fanworks are accepted here, whether relating to Keeley or her characters.
The only rule is to be courteous and use the LJ cut* for spoilers and large posts containing fic or graphics.
Any questions, let me know.

*< lj - cut text = "blurb" > blurb < / lj - cut >


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